Governor SpringsGovernor Springs

A Source for hub dust shields. If you have a single front wheel tractor and you need a hub dust shield, you won't get one from your John Deere dealer or most any salvage yard. However, you can now find newly producted ones from Dillner's Tractors, which are made in the U.S.A.

These shields are made from stamped steel and are laser cut. Their Deere part number is H773R and they fit everything with a single front from models "A" and "B" to all the letter series and most New Generation tractors. The price of $85 a pair includes shipping. For more information, call Bob Dillner at 814-733-4397.

Hub Dust Shields
Hub Dust Shields

Governor Springs for various 2-cylinder tractors. They are made correctly, spring steel, heat treated, and powder coated. Made in PA. They include A1491R; B273R and B2636A. Cost $45.00 + shipping.
More New Products from Dillners Antique Tractors

Fuel Tank Support Spacers for A, AR, B, G, 60, 620-630. $15 per set plus shipping.

Duplex Carburetor Fuel Strainer. Need a new fuel strainer? Don't buy a whole new part. Save $$ by ordering just the fitting with screen (the piece on the right in the photo above.) $15 plus shipping. Replacement is simple. Drill and tap out the brass. Screw in the new screen. You're done!

Fuel Screen. Dirt in your fuel tank? Solve the problem with a fuel screen. Simply tap the inlet of your automatic fuel shot off sediment system. $18 plus shipping..

Steering Wheel Cranking Shaft AA3032RR Used on A, B, G from 1940 - 1947. $30.

Pump Drive Key. Sometimes the smallest parts are the most essential, and since they are so easy to lose, they are also the hardest to find. If you are adding live hydraulics to your "A," "B" or "G," you are not going o get very far without the A4770R pump drive key. If you can't find yours, a new reproduction is available from Dillners Tractors. It fits "A" tractors, serial number 488,852 and up, "Bs" serial number 90,000 and up and "Gs" 12059 and up. The price is $20 including shipping.


Call Bob Dillner at 814-733-4397 for pricing and availability.

Fuel Tank Support Spacers
Fuel Tank
Support Spacers

Duplex Carburetor Fuel Strainer
Duplex Carburetor
Fuel Strainer

John Deer Tractor Fuel Screen
Fuel Screen

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Steering Wheel Cranking Shaft
Steering Wheel
Cranking Shaft

Pump Drive Key
Pump Drive Key

Steering Wheel Cranking Shaft
Close-up of Cranking Shaft
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