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GP Brake Bands

Brake lining and service for John Deere collectors of GP, D and many other John Deere tractors with band brakes & parking brakes.     

The material is a heavy duty composite woven from yarns containing brass wire. This dense tough material exhibits exceptional resistance to heat and compression under load. It also has excellent fade and recovery stability.

Send your brake bands to us and they will be cleaned, primed and new riveted lining will be installed on your bands.  Price:  GP Brake Bands -- $50 each plus $24.50 shipping;  D Brake Bands -- $55 each plus $24.50 shipping; D Parking Brake -- $60 plus $24.50 shipping; L & LA Brake Bands -- $50 each and $24.50 shipping.

Our clutch brake pads are made out of the same material to make your tractor look like the original. Both brake bands and clutch brake pads are countersunk and brass rivets are used for longer life. Price: $18 plus $5 shipping. (In the Green Magazine 03-09.)

NEW GP Brake Bands.  These can be purchased with or without lining & spring. Bare brake band $120 each. Brake band complete with lining and spring $150 each plus shipping.
Various Clutch Brakes

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Heavy Duty Brake Lining
We have various clutch brakes available for all John Deere Tractors including GP & D. Material is thicker and longer-lasting than presently on the market. Pricing is $18 each plus $5 shipping.

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