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Throttle linkage: Restoring tractors and repairing carburetors we often run into the problem that the trottle linkage is worn, broken or rusted so bad that it cannot be used to get the proper adjustment on the carburetor. We are now making both the short and long throttle linkage so that your tractor will run smoothly. Price of either $15 plus shipping.

Hydraulic Lever: Screw-on style made of hollow tubing like the original. Price $35 plus shipping.

Seat Clamp Nut with bushing and 5/8" carriage bolt; fits pan seats. Price $20 plus shipping.

Choke Knobs: $8 each + $1.50 shipping

Heat Shroud for your JD B. It was only made from serial #64787 - 95999 and includes part #B1517R & B1570R. Check your JD B Parts Book. The cost is $85 plus shipping. Allow 2-4 weeks for fabrication per order.

Fuel tank webbing: 1-1/2 inches x 2 ft. x .112 in thickness. Great material for under the fuel tanks. $5.00 plus shipping.

Customize your farm sign or logo. Lazer cut to your needs. Makes a great gift. For more information contact Dan Dillner at D & D Fabrication. 717-419-5283 for design & pricing.

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Throttle Linkage
Throttle Linkage

Hydraulic Lever
Hydraulic Lever and Seat Clamp Nut with Bushing

Choke Knobs
Choke Knobs
Heat Shroud for JD B
Heat Shroud for JD B

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