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Pump Drive Key #A4770R

A Small part, but essential . . .

Sometimes the smallest parts are the most essential, and since they are so easy to lose, they are also the hardest to find. If you are adding live hydraulics to your "A," "B" or "G," you are not going o get very far without the A4770R pump drive key. If you can't find yours, a new reproduction is available from Dillners Tractors. It fits "A" tractors, serial number 488,852 and up, "Bs" serial number 90,000 and up and "Gs" 12059 and up. The price is $25 including shipping.

Call Bob Dillner at 814-733-4397 or send a check to:

Bob Dillner, 973 Corley Road, Manns Choice, Pennsylvania 15550

Pump Drive Key #A477OR
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